My name is Laura Palmer, and I am an author, artist, photographer, and computer scientist.

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Greek and Japanese

The Beautiful Flaws of Imperfect Translation

I found out one day that I could read Greek. It was a nice surprise, much like learning that I could inexplicably cook amazing prime rib. I was in a diner at the time, as I frequently am here in

Light, he said.

Paris and Fire and Light

I didn’t mean to go to France. And I didn’t mean to enjoy it. First, I should explain why I haven’t posted much lately. With the novel done and accepted by beta readers, it landed with a few agents. At

Boats beating ceaselessly against the tide.

Completing a novel for the second time

I finished splitting the first half of my current epic fantasy novel into its own story this weekend. It required some rewriting and rearranging, along with a new ending. I have now finished this novel twice. I will likely finish