My name is Laura Palmer, and I am an author, artist, and photographer.

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The Theatre Ceiling

The Palais Garnier of Paris

I visited France for a week this summer, and I promised some pictures. It was a beautiful trip. I traveled alone, using Paris as my base to explore Versaille, the seat of the Sun King, Giverny, the home of Monet,

Greek and Japanese

The Beautiful Flaws of Imperfect Translation

I found out one day that I could read Greek. It was a nice surprise, much like learning that I could inexplicably cook amazing prime rib. I was in a diner at the time, as I frequently am here in

Light, he said.

Paris and Fire and Light

I didn’t mean to go to France. And I didn’t mean to enjoy it. At first, I had planned to go to Ireland with my partner, but he decided he wanted to stay home with our cats instead. One of