Artists of the Body

The Mirrored Mask of Propa

In a world ruled by Muses, there is no magic, only Art. Words materialize as weapons, and music notes sparkle like stars. It is the Artists who wield these surreal powers, ruling society with both beauty and cruelty.

Merrick, a quiet and thoughtful thief, has spent his life avoiding them, but his lover Eanna is far more reckless, harboring a secret obsession with Art. When they dare to visit the theater of the Muses, they expect the performance of a lifetime, but instead the Artists sweep in, taking over the minds of every patron.

Only Merrick resists their control. And so the Artists command Eanna to kill him.

Without hesitation, she obeys, a puppet in their latest tragedy. He breaks the spell, escaping with Eanna and his life, but the Artists will not let either of them go so easily. No one was supposed to know of their experiments in the theater, and Eanna, still tainted by Art, becomes the perfect weapon to silence Merrick forever. Risking his very sanity, he scours the artistic realms for a way to cure her, but she may murder him before he has the chance.

This book is currently unpublished.

Artists of Song and String

Artists of Song and String Cover

Josanne enjoys a gentle world of privilege as the princess of Carmina, but when her mother, the Avatar of the Song, suffocates in the night, the melody of her life goes swiftly out of tune. When a mysterious spirit named Yseult offers her a bargain – the name of her mother’s murderer in exchange for the use of her body – the princess instantly accepts.

Josanne stands before all of Carmina at her mother’s funeral, prepared to sing the name of the person who dared to kill a queen. But when Yseult delivers it, Josanne finds some truths are hard to accept. It is a name she will not say, much less sing. With her accusations incomplete, Carmina erupts into riots, and its enemies see the chance they’ve been waiting for.

Narrowly escaping a coup, Josanne flees to the dark underworld of Carmina, but her guilt – and Yseult – are never far behind. With the Artists of the Song divided, and her city crumbling around her, Josanne must find out if her voice is strong enough to lead.