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Solstice, my Egyptian Mau kitten

Solstice, my Egyptian Mau kitten

My cat breeder called me up before Christmas to offer me a purebred Egyptian Mau kitten.. for free.

I already own one, and I had been thinking of taking on another – an adult – for awhile, but Lou was hesitant. Wintermuse, our first Egyptian Mau, is famous for her alpha status: she is only 7 pounds but has unhesistatingly backed a Maine Coon up into a corner and swiped at him.

We thought maybe a gradual introduction with a kitten might soften her steely heart and agreed to meet the kitten. We named him Solstice after the day we received him. He is full of love and purrs.

Of course, she hates him.

It’s been over three weeks, and while the hissing and growling is diminished, it’s not gone. They fight every day for one reason or another. For the first 1-2 weeks, Lou and I traded who had to sleep in the library with the kitten and who got to sleep in the bed with Wintermuse. They are a handful. Up until recently, they needed almost constant supervision to break up the fights. I only recently gave them more freedom… because I just couldn’t take it anymore. My house is a disaster, and I have work to do.

But! He is so cute. I did a photo shoot with him yesterday. Here is my favorite ‘raw’ shot. You’ll eventually see more photos at my website http://www.myegyptianmau.com.

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